Current Research


  1. Awarded multi-center G08 grant for development of a data repository
  2. Awarded multi-center R01 grant to validate the EZCodes dental diagnostic terminology
  3. Awarded multi-center R01 grant to evaluate patient safety in dentistry “Developing a patient safety system for dentistry” This project aims to reduce patient harm, and improve the quality of care delivered in dentistry. As a long-term goal, it is important to understand the causes of dental adverse events and develop interventions to minimize their occurrence. The objective of this project is to develop the tools necessary to document dental adverse events, generate a classification scheme and repository that can help organize and link adverse events, and allow five dental organizations to begin to systematically collect and analyze adverse events.
  4. Awarded ADA Gies Award grant “Collaborative pilot study of the impact of the use of the EZCodes dental diagnostic terminology in treatment planning on critical thinking skills of dental students as measured by the Health Science Reasoning Test” The purpose of this project is to investigate whether or not the introduction and use of the dental diagnostic terminology (EZCodes) in treatment planning per the electronic health record (axiUm) can positively impact dental students’ critical thinking skills. This is a collaborative effort between the Medical University of South Carolina, Harvard and UT Houston.


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