Current Research





1R01DE022628-01A1            Developing a Patient Safety System for Dentistry     Walji, MF


The major goals of this project are to identify adverse events in dentistry, as an important step towards allowing the dental clinic to become a safer place. The results of this project will help to identify specific strategies and interventions to prevent adverse events from occurring in the future.


1R01DE024166-01A1 Implementing Dental Quality Measures in Practice    Walji/Kalenderian


The objective of this work is to build upon our prior work in developing the BigMouth Dental Data Repository that contains clinical data on 1.1 million patients. In addition, we will be supported by the collective strength of the 35 dental institutions that have formed the Consortium for Oral Health Research and Informatics (COHRI) and have agreed to share oral health data


1U18HS026135-01                 Optimizing Acute Post-Operative Dental Pain                       Kalenderian, E.

NIH/AHRQ                              Management Using New Health Information


In this project we propose an innovative mobile health intervention (FollowApp.Care®) to collect PRO data (pain intensity) from patients after dental procedures to optimize the quality of acute post-op dental pain management


1UG3DE029158-01                Understanding Pain after Dental Procedures             Walji/Kalenderian


Through a two-phase (UG3/UH3) approach, we will systematically explore pain after dental procedures using mobile phones. We propose to develop a detailed, at the CDT procedure level, pain registry by engaging NDPBRN providers and patients undergoing dental surgical procedures.


1 R18 HS027268-01   Open Wide Learning Lab (OWLL):                                    Walji/Kalenderian

Improving Patient Safety in Dentistry

The objective of this application is to advance the dental Patient Safety Initiative by translating our findings from chart reviews to a learning health system where we identify the contributing factors that lead to an adverse event and develop and test improvement strategies to prevent them.



G08LM010075                        Pilot study of the development of an                          Walji, MF

NLM                                        Inter-University Oral Health Research Database

The major goal of this study was to explore the feasibility of creating a central repository and integrating de-identified dental data across dental schools.


1R01DE021051                      A Cognitive Approach to Refine and Enhance Use   Kalenderian, E.

NIH/NIDCR                             of a Dental Diagnostic Terminology

The major goal of this study is to develop standardized and uniform diagnostic dental codes with distinct terms and synonyms that are easy to use, intuitive, inclusive, and can be loaded in the current EHR used by 50 dental schools.


GIES Foundation                    Collaborative pilot study                                                          Reed, S.G.


Collaborative pilot study on the impact of the use of the EZCodes dental diagnostic terminology in treatment planning on critical thinking skills of dental students as measured by the Health Science Reasoning test.

1R21DE023408                      Improving the Quality of Dental Care by                                 Tokede, O.

NIH/NIDCR                             Implementing a Clinical Checklist

The objective of this work is to benchmark quality of dental care and institute processes that will improve it. As a first step, we implemented a checklist for general dental care.


1R41DE025522-01                 Development of an EHR with Comprehensive                       Boyer, B.

NIH/NIDCR (SBIR grant)        Dental Diagnostic and Information Exchange Function         .

The objective of this work is to reduce oral health disparities in both outcomes and care by enhancing the effectiveness of dental providers in the safety net community health centers. To accomplish this goal, the project will create a dental-focused Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Health Information Exchange (HIE) system for safety net providers that includes 1) a standardized terminology for oral diagnoses, using an intuitive, sophisticated User Interface, and 2) effective electronic health information exchange functionality specifically designed to fit in the nationwide safety net IT infrastructure.


1R01DE023061-01A1 A Whole System Approach to Implementing                         Kalenderian, E.

NIH/NIDCR                             total Standardized Dental Diagnostic Terms

The objective of this work is to develop a tested, generalizable process for effectively implementing the EZCodes, in service of the long-term goal of broad dissemination of the benefits of a common dental diagnostic terminology.


1R01HS024406                      Measuring Occurrence of and Disparities in                           Walji, M.F

NIH/NIDCR                             Dental Clinics Adverse Events

The major goals of this project are to (1) give the first comprehensive perspective on adverse events that happen in dental practices, (2) help to identify whether certain groups of people are at higher risk, and (3) provide an estimate of how many more adverse events originating in the dental clinic we might find if we also looked at medical visits.



Peer reviewed publications    

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